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PowerPoint Template Educational 02
Educational 02

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Educational 03

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PowerPoint Presentation Remote Controls

The freedom, the power!

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Control your slides - from practically anywhere!

The freedom

Can you imagine watching TV without a remote control to change the channel? Neither can we. So why would you try to deliver a presentation to an audience while tethered to a mouse or keyboard to change the slides? It doesn't make any sense, does it? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. Check out our best selection of presentation remotes.

The power

Bring your computer presentations out of the technology dark ages with one of our cool wireless remote controls. They give you the power to control the key aspects of your presentation with just a press of a button — from practically anywhere! The result: confidence, credibility and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every slide will advance reliably, the moment you command it to.

RemotePoint Presenter
RemotePoint Presenter combines 100' wireless slide control, |32MB presentation storage, integrated mouse and special effects software. Its icon-studded control keys including Slide Forward, Slide Back, Slide Hide and Laser Pointer. Customize the ergonomic reprogrammable buttons, for ultimate presentation control.
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RemotePoint Navigator
RemotePoint Navigator's polished metal, icon-studded control keys support the slide functions most used by today's PowerPoint users including Slide Forward, Slide Back, Slide Hide. Its RF wireless technology gives you 50' of wireless freedom and a laser pointer helps you focus in on the fine points.
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VersaPoint Communicator Combo
The VersaPoint Communicator Combo includes an ergonomically designed full-sized wireless keyboard, optical mouse, and presentation remote control. Versatile operation – omni-directional 30' RF range. Compact-sized presentation remote allows a full range of remote slide commands.
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VersaPoint Communicator Remote
The VersaPoint Communicator remote will make your next presentation a snap. With complete presentation control and 30' of 900MHz wireless RF range you will enjoy freedom of motion as you present. Launch your presentation with one touch ease.
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