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I bought the Cancer series and used the one which has a lady with a handful of pills, a very sorrowful expression, and no hair for a presentation I had on Ovarian cancer. And I'm not sure if it was my content so much as the message from the background, but the result was so captivating that some of the consultants wanted a copy of my presentation afterward. Now that's very unusual for a medical student!!
- Osasehi Ikhu, New Zealand

Unique, attractive, colorful. These are great templates. I believe that if you need to connect to a younger audience this is a great starting point. I see presentations for alcohol, drug awareness, and violence prevention. I think that these templates would make an impact.
- Barton Cole, Orlando, USA

I love your templates and use them for all my assignments in the classroom. The kids love them, too. I used the Valentine ones for the background for Romeo and Juliet questions and vocabulary and review. They looked beautiful!
- Lori A. Crockett, Chesterfield, USA

I love the cutting-edge look of these! I do a lot of training and I am always looking for backgrounds that catch their eye and keep them interested in what I need to say. Keep up the great work!
- Lidia Sparacio, Santa Fe Springs, USA

I love the diverse array of backgrounds which you have created. They are fabulous.
- Michelle Rodgers, Australia

The Graffiti collection looks wonderful!
- Soreli Norton, Chula Vista, USA

Just looked at your Roads Collection and saw my life at this point--so many options, decisions to be made, roads to be taken (and not taken). It's really cool how your slides can capture so much. Thank you.
- David Conley, Wentzville, USA

I am a big fan of this site and a customer. Look forward to many more new and exciting concepts from you guys.
- Anne Michaels, Austin, USA

I use PowerPoint daily, creating a slideshow that is displayed on plasma screens for our organization to see. It's sometimes hard to come up with unique and creative ideas for slides. I really like the look of your templates. They are fresh and interesting.
- Michelle Haag, Phoenix, USA

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