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PowerPoint Presentation Templates


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PowerPoint Template Understatement

Understatement from the Marbled Magic collection of Ppted templates - more info...

PowerPoint Template Square Yellow

Square Yellow from the Square Advantage collection of Ppted templates - more info...

PowerPoint Template Sunrise

Sunrise from the Marbled Magic collection of Ppted templates - more info...

PowerPoint Templates Sky High

Sky High from the Amazing Skies collection of Ppted templates - more info...

RnR PPTools

RnR PPTools - now, you'll find RnR's PowerPoint add-ins on this site - including the FREE Starter Set!

More info...


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Education PowerPoint Templates

This page previews and links to all the PowerPoint template sets that are part of our ongoing, hugely popular education series.

All sets can be previewed as thumbnails - in addition, larger representations open in popup windows on clicking. Actual sizes of backgrounds are 1024 x 768 pixels. All sets are included as readymade education PowerPoint templates as well - so that you can use them immediately after purchase and download.

The following collections are currently available - thumbnails below show just one of the 15 backgrounds contained within that collection:

PowerPoint Templates SuperSaver

PowerPoint Template Atoms Anyone? PowerPoint Template Zoology 01 PowerPoint Template Zoology 02
Atoms Anyone
Zoology 01
Zoology 02

PowerPoint Template Botany 01 PowerPoint Template Botany 02 PowerPoint Template Educational 01
Botany 01
Botany 02
Educational 01

PowerPoint Template Educational 02 PowerPoint Template Educational 03 PowerPoint Template Educational 04
Educational 02
Educational 03
Educational 04

PowerPoint Template Genetics PowerPoint Template Geometry PowerPoint Template Algebra

PowerPoint Template Statistics PowerPoint Template Trigonometry PowerPoint Template Calculus

PowerPoint Template Chemistry PowerPoint Template Microbiology PowerPoint Template Accounting

PowerPoint Template Students PowerPoint Template Graduation PowerPoint Template Arithmetic

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