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PowerPoint Presentation Templates

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rChart Pro for PowerPoint, Excel and Flash
rChart Pro for Excel, PowerPoint and Flash
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Presentations - Design

Free! Extracts from my book Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies - look here...

About the book: Okay, you've Ppted before, right? And you knew there must be more cool things you could do? Here they are! This handy guide gives you pointers on what makes a powerful presentation, tips on using the right formats and templates, and directions for dressing up text, wowing 'em with color, adding action, and much more.

Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies  

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Presentation Zen:
Simple Ideas on
Presentation Design
and Delivery
More Info


Beyond Bullet Points:
Using Microsoft®
Office PowerPoint®
2007 to Create
That Inform, Motivate,
and Inspire
More Info


Beyond Bullet Points:
Using Microsoft
PowerPoint to Create
Presentations That
Inform, Motivate, and
More Info

Made to Stick: Why
Some Ideas Survive
and Others Die
More Info


Meatball Sundae: Is
Your Marketing out of
More Info


The Back of the Napkin:
Solving Problems and
Selling Ideas with
More Info

More Info


Solving the PowerPoint
Predicament: Using
Digital Media for
More Info


Why Most PowerPoint
Presentations Suck
More Info

Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power,
Punch, and Pizzazz
More Info


Creating Dynamic Multimedia Presentations
More Info


Looking Good In Presentations
More Info

Say It with Presentations: How to Design and Deliver Successful
Business Presentations
More Info


Say It With Charts: The Essential Guide to Visual Communication
More Info


Beyond Words : A Guide to Drawing Out Ideas
More Info

That Presentation Sensation
More Info


DesignSense For Presentations
More Info


The Big Book of Presentation Games
More Info

Point, Click & Wow!
More Info


Presentations Plus: David Peoples' Proven Techniques
More Info


Wuzzles for Presenters
More Info



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