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Platform: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000 and XP with DirectX 5 or higher.

PowerPoint Version: PowerPoint 97, 2000 and 2002

Processor: Pentium compatible processor with 32 MB RAM (48 MB when running Win NT/2000); 30 MB available disk space

Recommendations: A fast PC or - even better - a 3D graphics acceleration chip or board with 4 MB or more of video RAM. This is not required, but is very useful for speeding up the effects creation process.

Volume I: US$49
Volume II: US$49
Volume I and II: US$89

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PowerPlugs: 3D Titles

Grab your PowerPoint audiences' attention with customizable 3D title animations!

PowerPlugs: 3D Titles lets you add impressive-looking animated 3D title slides to your PowerPoint presentations in seconds. Each volume includes 30 pre-created 3D animations inspired by television and film. All the animations are customizable. And 3D Titles works right inside of PowerPoint!

3D Titles is extremely easy to use. Once installed, a new menu item will appear in PowerPoint's Insert menu. When you click "Add 3D Title Slide" you will see 3D Titles' intuitive, PowerPoint-style main dialog displaying a gallery of professionally created 3D title animations.

Simply pick the 3D animation you want, type your title (and optional subtitle) text and voila! — you're done. Your personalized 3D title, along with other artistic elements, will automatically animate together smoothly, just like the ones on TV.

3D Titles' Advanced... button leads to a rich editing environment which allows you to customize your selected 3D title animation by changing the colors, materials, sizes, orientation and other attributes of each of its elements.

Features At A Glance

  • Adds still or animated 3D title slides to PowerPoint presentations with just a few clicks!
  • 30 animated 3D title effects per volume!
  • All animated 3D title effects are fully editable!
  • Also adds complementary sound effects!
  • Works right inside of PowerPoint!
  • Software updates are FREE!

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