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PowerPoint Articles

Here are a few articles on this site:

Favorite Presentation Colour

Quick! What's your favorite presentation background colour? If you said blue, you're not alone. Nearly 42% of the respondents polled at one of my sites provided the same answer. Among the blues, 30% opted for dark blue; while 12% favored light blue. (that keeps changing as more results pour in) Read more...

The Ppted Story

Designing PowerPoint templates is actually an amalgamation of my two interests - creating presentations and creating graphics. In addition, I've always believed that there should be no limitations to creativity. so, in my collection of templates for PowerPoint, you'll find designs that range from the corporate to the avant-garde - from conservative ideas to flamboyant displays. As such, I would love to believe that we should not compartmentalize our attitudes through adjectives like conservative or flamboyant since that curbs flow of thoughts - but I guess everything is moderation is acceptable. Read more...

Using Multiple Templates

Sooner or later, you may want to have more background designs or layouts than offered by default using PowerPoint. This sort of feedback must have convinced Microsoft to incorporate the multiple template feature in the newer versions of PowerPoint, i.e. PowerPoint 2002 and 2003. Read more...



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