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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day PowerPoint Templates

Valentine's Day designs to bring alive the soft, romantic look for your slides $30 only, including extras.

Take a look at these Valentine's Day PowerPoint templates here.

Global Warming

Global Warming PowerPoint Templates

These Global warming designs bring alive a very important concept. $30 only, including extras.

Take a look at these Global Warming PowerPoint templates here.


Inspire Offer Page!

Welcome to this special landing page on Ppted.com -- if you got to this page, you must have clicked on an INSPIRE link on a Ppted banner somewhere -- that makes you special for us. To that end, we are giving you a special discount of 20% off the normal price for any of our PowerPoint template and background collections -- this offer is valid today!

To avail this discount, follow these steps:

  1. Ppted OfferGo to any product page, and click the Buy Now links or buttons.

  2. This will take you to our Buying Options page for that product -- you can choose from any of the three buying options (ShareIt, PayPal, or CD Shipment). Click the relevant Buy link. Some pages, such as those for our SuperSavers offer only one buying option and will get you straght to our shopping cart page.

  3. Fill in the fields for the number of copies you want, your name, other buying information, payment type, etc. Also make sure that you carefully type in INSPIRE in the coupon code box, as shown in the Figure below.

    Coupon code box
    Figure: Coupon code box

  4. Click Next, and continue with your purchase. Your discount has been automatically applied at this time.

Go ahead and buy now -- you can start exploring from our SuperSavers page.

For any question, please get in touch with us through the feedback form. Have an awesome day!

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