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Application Usage

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This page describes procedures to use downloaded images in various programs - with details on creating your own templates, wherever possible.

Note: The template techniques explained are only to incorporate the backdrops - you might want to go further and standardize on fonts/typefaces and color combinations as well - that's why all our PowerPoint templates are complete with font and color choices.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Corel Presentations
Lotus Freelance
Open Office, Sun StarOffice

Microsoft PowerPoint

All sets contain readymade Microsoft PowerPoint templates.

Corel Presentations

This procedure works similar for Corel Presentations 7, 8, 9 and 10 - newer versions like 9 and 10 (also known as Presentations 2002) can open PowerPoint templates straightaway.

To place a background, follow these steps:

  1. Download a blank template to begin with - download <blank.mst> (zipped) here. Unzip and click blank.mst to open the template in Corel Presentations
  2. Choose Edit -> Background Layer.
  3. Choose Insert -> New Background and give a name to the background.
  4. Choose Insert -> Graphics -> from file and navigate to the backgrounds you downloaded from this site. Choose any one jpg file and press 'insert'. Resize the image to cover the entire slide.
  5. You can repeat these steps to insert as many master backgrounds as you want.
  6. Save your template under a new name.

Lotus Freelance

This procedure works similar for Freelance 97 and Millennium - if you're using Freelance 97 or earlier, you'll need the free JPEG import patch from the Lotus site for these techniques to work.

  1. Freelance templates are better known as 'SmartMasters' - to create a SmartMaster you need a blank layout - download <blank.mas> (zipped) here. Unzip and open 'blank.mas' in Freelance.
  2. Choose Presentation -> Edit Backdrop.
  3. Choose Backdrop -> Page Properties to open the Backdrop Properties dialog box.
  4. Click the down arrow next to the 'Pattern' drop down box and choose the 'bitmap' option.
  5. In the 'bitmap source' area, click the browse button and navigate to the backgrounds you downloaded from this site.
  6. Save your template under a new name.


This technique works with Astound 8 - you can download a trial version of Astound from http://www.astound.com.

New Info: The product has been discontinued.

  1. Astound loads with a dialog box offering various choices - opt to create a blank presentation.
  2. Choose View -> Template.
  3. Choose Slide -> Background.
  4. Choose the 'Picture' option in the resultant dialog box - the second last icon. Click the 'Load' button.
  5. Navigate to the backgrounds you downloaded from this site.
  6. Save as a template.

Open Office, Sun StarOffice

These instructions encompass StarOffice 6

  1. Open the presentation component of StarOffice.
  2. Opt for an empty presentation. Proceed through the next few screens using default options - in the layout dialog box, choose the blank option.
  3. Choose View -> Master -> Drawing.
  4. Choose Insert -> Graphics and navigate to the backgrounds you downloaded from this site.
  5. Resize the background image to fill the entire slide.
  6. Choose File -> Save As - and select 'presentation template' in the resultant dialog box.

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