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The Ppted Story

- by Geetesh Bajaj

Geetesh BajajJuly 22nd 2003

Designing PowerPoint templates is actually an amalgamation of my two interests - creating presentations and creating graphics. In addition, I've always believed that there should be no limitations to creativity. so, in my collection of templates for PowerPoint, you'll find designs that range from the corporate to the avant-garde - from conservative ideas to flamboyant displays. As such, I would love to believe that we should not compartmentalize our attitudes through adjectives like conservative or flamboyant since that curbs flow of thoughts - but I guess everything is moderation is acceptable.

Thankfully, there's one factor on which the whole sphere of humanity agrees - quite simply, everyone wants something different. Life looks for new ideas everywhere - why should your PowerPoint experience be muddled by canned designs that have been in use for the greater part of the last decade.

My experiences over the years with PowerPoint have been something I look back fondly at - let's start my story with the time I started indezine.com - the site began life as a repository of computer design - but evolved into a frontrunner PowerPoint resource - a fact recognized over the years by Microsoft as well as several trade publications and associations. Indezine.com is still a non-commercial entity - much like how it was started a few years ago. Through the years, I have written realms of content for the site - including techniques and ideas - as well as reviews on PowerPoint add-ins and templates.

On the other hand, I've often designed presentations for my clients - all of them were provided original templates created to suit their identities. Somewhere along the way, I just knew i had to create and market my own templates. That was not all - I wanted to use designs that could evoke emotions in a conference or a boardroom - and yet the design itself would have to be understated enough to stay in the background - it is supposed to be a backdrop after all!

I admit I was often tempted to market my templates under the Indezine umbrella - and the soaring visitor count on that site would have surely provided me with instant exposure. On the other hand, that would also mean that Indezine would no longer be able to remain unbiased in its reviews. So, I decided to start all over again - with a whole new site called Ppted.com. That idea must have paid off - because I still receive requests for Indezine.com to review so many competing PowerPoint template vendors! In fact, the process has formed a circle - now I even sell third-party templates on this site!

When I started Ppted.com - I had nothing to sell! You'll guess I was inspired enough to churn out my first collection of designs real quick - however, nothing was more farther than the truth. I liked nothing I created for a very long time - until I developed the designs that ultimately formed my first collection - Urban Textures. Why did I call it 'Urban Textures'? That was because I felt it typified the chaos in our urban ambiences - also, it found an identity in the avant-garde world of abstract modern art.

This was followed by more collections - Simply Azure was developed to add more life to any corporate presentation - and Bio Meadows was aimed for use by those involved with biotechnology and related sciences. Spots of Success is a universal design - and Water Lilies was created from real photographs coupled with lots of digital editing. Nevertheless, the fact that surprises me most is that of all my collections, the one that has sold the most is Kaleidoscope - this was never conceived as a corporate collection! This only goes on to prove my belief that you cannot take a broad view of attitudes.

Today, Ppted encompasses ten very-individual collections - and yes, I do create custom templates as well. And as Ppted itself evolves, it is going to find new identities for itself.

You can buy so much more on this site - books, add-ins, textures, clip media, companion programs - even tutors and CBTs.

I love to hear from you all - in case you want to mail to me, use this feedback form...



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