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PowerPoint Templates SuperSaver

PowerPoint Template Vacation

PowerPoint Template Green Gaze
Green Gaze

PowerPoint Template Soundscapes



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Presentation Resources

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Presenters Online from Epson is as they say about themselves - a site devoted to comprehensive presentation knowledge.

Medianet Presentation Skills offers interesting content in the form of tips and seminar handouts.

Claudyne Wilder - a renowned presentation expert maintains the excellent Wilder Presentations site - you can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter, packed with essential tips you could use straightaway.

The Presentation People site offers a range of templates, bullets & fonts. Free samples are available.

Jim Endicott runs Distinction Services - a commercial presentation creation company - but the site offers a lot more in the form of tips, ideas and downloads.

Julie Terberg runs the striking Terberg Design - here you'll find excerpts and samples from her various writings.

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