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PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Background Texture Collection - Download a free Demo!

Over 800 seamless textures for fills in PowerPoint - announcing the Background Texture Collection - over 800 seamless textures to use in your presentations - download a free demo!

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Free Stuff

Free Sample Set

Subscribe to the mailing list and you can download a free sample set from this page - I'm sure you'll love using this free sample set - and come back to buy complete collections of templates and backgrounds from this site. In addition, I'm also providing three more free PowerPoint Photo Album templates!

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list anytime you want. However, I'm sure you will love to receive the ezines, free gift offers, sweepstakes and special offers. One sweepstake winner received a free remote presentation controller - another got a free pass for PowerPoint Live! There's more - the ezine itself is probably the best PowerPoint newsletter you'll ever find with complete coverage of PowerPoint news, free tutorials, interviews, links, new products and more.

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The sample set you're downloading looks like this. Click the thumbnail to see a larger preview of all three backgrounds conatined in the free sample template:

presentation powerpoint backgrounds templates

This is part of the Simply Azure collection - find the entire collection here.

Free PhotoAlbum Templates

You can also download three free PowerPoint templates to use with the PhotoAlbum feature here. All templates are meant to be used incorporating four pictures per slide. You'll find more info about PowerPoint's Photo Album feature here...



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