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Favorite Presentation Background Colour

by Geetesh Bajaj

Quick! What's your favorite presentation background colour? If you said blue, you're not alone. Nearly 42% of the respondents polled at one of my sites provided the same answer. Among the blues, 30% opted for dark blue; while 12% favored light blue. (that keeps changing as more results pour in)

The greens—both dark and light—come next, with 16% of the votes in their favour. While black, white, violet and purple polled between 7 and 9 percentage each; red, brown, yellow and orange were the least favoured of all the colours. Naturally, all these figures are prone to change, since the results are sourced from a live poll. You can actually visit the poll site and vote: Poll and see results here...

Now, let's analyze the results. Why are blue and green favoured so much more than other colours? What is the factor that sets them apart? Finally, why do these factors influence the choice of presentation background colours?

Let's start by going back in time to pre-primary school, especially when we were taught about colours. You might recollect learning something like "The sky is blue" or "The grass is green". Have we, as human beings, preserved part of that in our subconscious? It is quite possible—even nature replicates the state of affairs. Blue and green are definitely the most visible colours of nature.

Although these colours replicate nature, that's no reason for them to be used as often for presentation backgrounds. There has to be some common characteristics in these colours that we need to explore to find out the reason.

We already discussed the first characteristic: nature. Blue and green have a nuance that makes them appear more natural than synthetic. Another characteristic that assails the mind is vastness. Does a vast canvas seem attractive? Blue skies and oceans, green jungles and meadows; they seem to work very well as vast, blank canvases to express, display and deliver. Finally, both these colours are part of the family of colours known as cool, unlike reds and oranges, which are known as warm colours. It could be either one or all of these characteristics that affect us subconsciously, causing us to choose blues and greens as our favorite presentation background colour.

This article originally appeared in Dian Chapman's TechTrax ezine.



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