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PowerPoint Presentation Templates


System Requirements

Windows 95 through XP

Microsoft Excel 97 through 2003

5 MB available disk space


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Products | Companion Products | Excel | Solutions for Sales and Marketing Managers

PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for Sales and Marketing Managers

Work smarter with intelligent Excel templates!

PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for Sales and Marketing Managers is an invaluable collection of forms and spreadsheets designed to help you make informed decisions about your sales and marketing campaigns. It includes templates such as Ad Planner, Direct Marketing Analysis, Material Card, Proposal, Sales Planner and more!

Features At A Glance

  • Includes eighteen intelligent Excel templates!
  • Saves you hours of tedious planning for all your sales and marketing campaigns!
  • Incredibly easy to use!
  • Works with Microsoft Excel 97 through 2003!

Complete list of forms included in PowerPlgus: Excel Solutions for Sales and Marketing Managers

Ad Planner
Designed to help you work out a basic media plan.

Bonus Scheduler
This form helps you track bonus plans you set up for your reps.

Client Conversation Log
This log lets you track your time spent with clients.

Direct Marketing Program Analysis
This smart spreadsheet helps you calculate the revenues, costs, and the break-even point associated with each program.

Executive Calendar
Designed to help executives manage their schedules in an effective manner. Programmed as a self-updating calendar, this template lists daily and weekly tasks to help organize your schedule.

Materials Card
This form helps you track and bill for project materials.

Mileage Tracker
Keeps track of traveling expenses.

Monthly Sales Projections
This form will help you project sales and compare them to actuals.

Proposal form
This professional form will help you work up basic proposal documents for your clients.

Quotation Request
Use this form to present detailed project tasks and costs.

Sales Commission Report
This form tracks sales reps' information necessary to calculate a commission.

Sales Forecaster
This form facilitates making intelligent sales projections and business forecasts.

Sales Planner
This form uses the proactive approach in planning and forecasting your sales. It includes an integrated set of templates for Excel including Trend Forecaster, Sales Forecasting, Advertising Planning, Sales Force Incentives and more.

Sales Goals by customer
This form keeps track of your sales goals for each customer.

Sales Goals by Product
This form keeps track of your sales goals for each product.

Sales Prospect Form
Use this form to record contact and correspondence information on a sales prospect.

Sales Quote
Use this form to create professional estimates and sales quotes for your customers and clients.

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Work smarter with intelligent Excel templates!

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Get PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions Combo for only $399! Save over 40%!

PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions Combo includes all 6 PowerPlugs for Excel titles. Each title is specially designed to help its targeted managers – and the people who work for them – achieve their objectives quicker and with less effort. They also include powerful analytical tools to aid you in making business decisions. Get it all for just $399! You save over 40% when you order the entire collection of PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions Combo.

  1. PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for CEOs — A complete line of professional templates aimed to assist the CEOs in all kinds of tasks, ranging from effective risk-management and business forecasting to efficient scheduling of employees.
  2. PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for CFOs — These smart forms and templates are designed to aid CFO's in all major aspects of their job from evaluating business ratios to making the right capital investment decision.
  3. PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for HR Managers — Organize your workforce the easy way with a collection of useful templates and forms for Human Resource Managers.
  4. PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for Office Managers — A collection of professional office business forms and spreadsheets.
  5. PowerPlugs: Excel Solutions for Sales and Marketing Managers — Track your advertising campaigns. Identify trends. Project revenues and generate accurate forecasts. Develop a successful bonus plan that offers rewards for good performance.
  6. PowerPlugs: Charts — Powerful charting plug-in with 2D and 3D models.



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