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Platform: Microsoft Windows 98, NT4, ME, 2000 and XP

Processor: 32 MB RAM (48 MB RAM recommended)

rChart Pro: US$69
rChart Enterprise: US$199
rChart Studio: US$289

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rChart Pro

SWF Charting for Excel, PowerPoint and Flash

Whether you import data from a spreadsheet, database, or text file, rChart facilitates the rapid creation of aesthetically engaging graphs and charts. With a wealth of predefined charting styles and the ability to create your own, rChart will add impact and appeal to presenting the numbers. Within in seconds you will be able to export your finely crafted charts to Flash™ format for Web/Browser viewing or for integration within your PowerPoint® presentations.

Features At A Glance

  • Easy to use; charts can be created in seconds
  • Wide variety of drawing and animation effects available
  • Easily add background image and sound
  • Data can be entered directly or imported from a variety of sources
  • Easy web content generation with "drill-down" features
  • Available in three editions: Professional, Enterprise, and Studio

Data Import Options

  • Draw data from any database where an ODBC driver is available (including Access, SQL/Server, Oracle, DB2, etc)
  • Dynamic links provide real-time automatic update of your charted data (Enterprise/Studio editions)
  • Text files - any delimited text file format (including csv)
  • Copy and paste from spreadsheets or other data sources
  • Directly edit/add data values within integrated edit view
  • Single or Multiple data series sources are supported
  • Images may be inserted as a backdrop to your chart
  • Audio import permits you to add a voiced explanation of graph details

Productivity Features

  • Style gallery - use any of the predefined styles or create your own and add it to the gallery
  • MS Office compliant user interface
  • Property sheet view to adjust all charting attributes
  • One-step web publishing - create a web page from your chart at the push of a button (Enterprise/Studio editions)
  • Most chart attributes are adjusted using point-and-click features - buttons, sliders, drop-down lists, etc.
  • Layout mode provides point-and-click positioning of major chart elements to get the precise look you require

Presentation Features

  • "3D" visual enhancement effects such as perspective, bevel-edge, and drop shadows
  • Multiple-chart feature allows you to combine and overlay any number of different charts into a single presentation
  • "Drill down" feature - adds web navigation to displayed data to create interactive drill-down presentations
  • "Auto-text" - current date/time, file name, author's name, and many other items can be included automatically in title/footer text

Advanced Options

  • Documentation control - chart documents provide various fields you can use for audit trail, document control, etc.
  • Web server deployment options (in rChart Enterprise/Studio editions)
  • Broadcast video options (in rChart Studio Edition)

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