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PowerPoint Presentation Templates

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Ppted SuperSaver 02

This incredible SuperSaver package comprises 5 best-selling PowerPoint template collections -- it offers you savings of 33% over the regular price of five individual collections! Buy Ppted collections 1 through 5 (a total of 25 attractive designs) for US$100 instead of US$150!

Buy the SuperSaver -- When you buy this collection, you'll find options to order this on CD as well as an Extended Download option.

Collections included in this SuperSaver are:

Water Lilies

Square Advantage


Marbled Magic 01

Crystal Energy

  PowerPoint Template -  Standing Success   PowerPoint Template - Square Turquoise   PowerPoint Template - Pyramid Panorama   PowerPoint Template - Cool Placids   PowerPoint Template - Crystal Ice  
Standing Success   Square Turquoise   Pyramid Panorama   Cool Placids   Crystal Ice  
  PowerPoint Template - Fresh Perspective   PowerPoint Template - Square Rust   PowerPoint Template - Blue Fire   PowerPoint Template - Sunrise   PowerPoint Template - Bring Alive  
Fresh Perspective   Square Rust   Blue Fire   Sunrise   Bring Alive  
  PowerPoint Template - Spreading Everywhere   PowerPoint Template - Square Yellow   PowerPoint Template - Metal Gradient   PowerPoint Template - Understatement   PowerPoint Template - Quartz Power  
Spreading Everywhere   Square Yellow   Metal Gradient   Understatement   Quartz Power  
PowerPoint Template - Thousand Steps   PowerPoint Template - Square Blue-Green   PowerPoint Template - Floating Heavens   PowerPoint Template - Rippled Expanse   PowerPoint Template - Life Greens  
Thousand Steps   Square Blue-Green   Floating Heavens   Rippled Expanse   Life Greens  
  PowerPoint Template - Into Detail   PowerPoint Template - Square Variegated   PowerPoint Template - Azure Alight   PowerPoint Template - Trust And Light   PowerPoint Template - Snow Gems  
Into Detail   Square Variegated   Azure Alight   Trust And Light   Snow Gems  

Buy the SuperSaver

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Once you buy this collection, you will be provided a download link for a zip file right after the purchase. In addition, you will also receive it within an email.

Download Size - 130.5 mb
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The Buy Now link takes you to the ShareIt site, where you can purchase this product. A user name and password will be mailed to you with instructions to download the full product.
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- PowerPoint Templates with font and custom colour settings - extension POT files.
- Actual backgrounds for use in PowerPoint or any other application - extension JPG/PNG.
- Actual PowerPoint presentations with the templates applied - extension PPT files.


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Product Specifications

Buy 5 top-selling collections for 1 low price - saving 33%. Look here...

Product Specifications
Custom Designs

If you require custom designs as templates or backgrounds, contact through the feedback form.

Product Specifications
Multiple Licenses

Multiple licenses are available for all products - in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50 users. Look here for more info.

For unlimited licenses, please contact directly for your requirements through the feedback form...

Product Specifications
Presentation Renovation

Do you want to impart a professional look to an in-house presentation - request details through the feedback form.


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